A Close-Up Look At The Firefly 2 Vaporizer

firefly 2 vape for sale lowest priceWhether you’re new to vaping or are looking to upgrade to a new machine, you may be interested in purchasing the Firefly 2, one of the most technologically advanced convection vaporizers available. To learn, what makes the Firefly 2 Vape stand out from its competition, simply continue reading!

6 reasons why you may be interested in purchasing the Firefly 2 vaporizer:

  1. You’ll be able to vape, within just 3 seconds

Once you place your fingers on the Firefly 2’s touch sensors, it will heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in just 3 seconds. As soon as the light on the front of your machine turns green, you’re ready to go. As a comparison, your average vaporizer takes around 45 seconds to heat up and once you activate a traditional vaporizer you’re forced to use all your herbs, in one go.

  1. Can be used in conjunction with the free Firefly app

You can link your Firefly 2 vaporizer to your smart phone using the free Firefly app. Once your devices are linked you’ll be able to use your Firefly app to select one of 6 pre set temperatures. You can also use the Firefly app to check your battery status!

  1. Quick charge battery

It comes with a quick charge battery which provides 40-80 draws per charge. Better yet, each device comes with an extra battery. As a bonus each device also comes packaged with a handy charging dock, which has been designed to be used with any smart phone charger. So whether you own an android device or an iPhone, you’ll easily be able to charge your vaporizer. As a bonus, to charge your battery back to 100%, should only take around 45 minutes.

  1. It’s a breeze to clean

To clean your vaporizer simply lift the magnetic lid. You can even remove your vaporizer’s mouth piece, in order to thoroughly clean it. After all, who wants to purchase a vaporizer that takes longer to clean, than you spend vaping.

  1. Sleek, compact design

The Firefly 2 is now available in jet black, a stylish model which has been designed to be discreet and understated. So if you’re looking for a sneaky vaporizer, which you can easily hide in your pocket or purse, you’ll love the jet black model. Better yet, the Firefly 2 is 55% lighter and 33% smaller than the original Firefly 1 vaporizer. So if you’re the proud owner of the Firefly 1, it’s well worth upgrading your vaporizer.

  1. Can be used with dry herbs as well as waxy concentrates

This particular model is compatible with both dry herbs as well as waxy concentrates. So no matter what your individual preference is, you’ll be able to use the Firefly 2 on a daily basis. Best of all you should find that your new vaporizer boasts a smooth and consistant vapor. In fact, professional vapers have written rave reviews about this particular model’s vapor quality.

So if you’re new to vaping and are looking for a fool proof, fuss free system you simply can’t go wrong ordering the Firefly 2. If you’re an experienced vaper, looking to upgrade your vaporizer, you’ll wish you’d upgraded to the Firefly 2 model sooner as it makes vaping a breeze.

Five Surprising Effects Of Marijuana

Marijuana is an illegal drug in the United States; however, this does not stop people from using the same for different purposes. The popularity of marijuana is growing by the day as more people are becoming aware of its benefits. Although illegal, there are more than 20 states in the US that allow it to be used for medical purposes only while some others allow possession for other uses. Most people are aware of the general use of smoking weed but there are not many that know about its other uses. If you want to know some amazing benefits of smoking pot, read below to find them out.

Mythical Origin

Most of us assume that cannabis was invented by some hippies who wanted to get a high smoking pot; however, if myths are to be believed, the oldest reference as recorded in written form can be traced back to 2,727 BCE when Shen Nung, a Chinese Emperor used weed for medicinal purposes.

Rope Making

Although it may sound a little odd, the fiber from the cannabis plant can also be used to make ropes. It is believed that in earlier times, people used weed plant to make ropes to move large objects like huge statues made of stone. According to archaeologists, hemp rope makes it easier to move huge stone objects from one place to another.

Gender Difference

The Drug and Alcohol Dependence study report, 2014, states that smoking pot has different effects on males and females. Female users of weed were found to be more sensitive when they smoked it as compared to their male counterparts. They are also more likely to become tolerant with its effects which may eventually lead them to become addicted to the drug and get affected by its side effects. Females are highly sensitive to cannabis when they are ovulating as the estrogen level in the body reaches a high level.

Pot for Pets

A surprising fact that you may not be unaware of is that there are some pet owners that are using pot for their pets. It surely seems a weird idea but the drug gives relief to suffering dogs and cats. People have successfully used marijuana for getting relief from the after effects of chemotherapy and ease glaucoma pain. Now, the same is being used for pets; however, the quantity is small. If pets are given overdose of the same, it may turn fatal for their life. Therefore, it is important to be careful about giving weed to your four-legged friend.

Heart Health

Although a lot of being discussed about the positive effects and benefits of smoking weed, people tend to ignore its side effects and harms. It is important to know both the positive and negative impact of cannabis so that the users can make a prudent decision whether they should use it or not. You might be aware that overuse of pot may lead to brain disorders like schizophrenia but do you know that it may also affect your heart? When you smoke marijuana your blood pressure and heart rate increases, so it may lead to heart ailments including heart attack. So, you should be careful about using the same for your purpose.

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